FLOCKER is a Twitter real-time retweets networks builder.


Twitter is nowadays the fastest way to access and spread information. There are tools and services offering the possibility to monitor Twitter's stream. There are also tools offering the possibility to build networks based on retweets and mentions from a given dataset. But we haven't found any tool combining both functionalities (except Gephi's plugin Retweet Monitor).

Some of us worked in the menctioned plugin for Gephi and abandoned it. Gephi, although very useful and complete, is a complicate tool for both users and developers. Based on our experience we are trying to provide FLOCKER with the features most requested/used in Gephi by people analyzing Twitter.


FLOCKER is a project developed by Outliers.

Current status

Currently, FLOCKER is under development. At this moment you can:

  • Login using your Twitter's account
  • Filter the stream using terms, hashtags or Twitter's usernames
  • See how the retweets network is dinamically built
  • Explore the data using the data laboratory
  • Change the colors used to display nodes and edges
  • Export the generated graph as GEXF
  • Export the generated graph as PNG
  • Export the generated graph as SVG

The chart on the right shows the percentage of features we have currently developed.

+ %